Driven ranty big vehicles

Firstly, why do lorries on duel carriageways, always want to attempt to overtake each other going up hill? Answer on a post card… Anyways, I can get pretty bloody irritable, especially when big vehicles act like the own the road (because my son says I do and should “Own the road!”). Here’s four examples of: Inconsiderate big vehicle drivers.

  1. Huge lorries that come straight at you, with the only options to either brake like a loon and dodge or go into a ditch or splat like a fly on their flippin’ windscreen!
  2. When a school bus is left, parked with no driver anywhere, the back part just stuck out there in the little lane, parked in such a way as to let nothing get past (unless you wish to mount the VERY tall pavement and take your scrapped undercarriage down to the garage straight after!
  3. Tractors that swing out into the road from the opposite side, with HUGE attachments on the back sticking out, forgetting about that extension, dawdling, blocking both sides of the road.
  4. Then those drivers of big vehicles (or small) who just don’t know how or have the patience to wait two seconds in a passing place. So, instead you are expected to reverse uphill, back to square one and do not pass go or collect Β£200 pounds (Monopoly reference for those that think I’ve just lost the plot).
  5. No, it still has to be the lorry drivers who attempt to overtake each other uphill, when you really do need to be somewhere on time.
Photo by Mike B on

Oh, and did you know, that apparently flashing (no not that kind of flashing) to let another driver know they can go first, is a big ol’ “NO” and you can be fined for that. Well, that’s enough ranting about uncourteous drivers me thinks. Let’s celebrate the considerate, courteous ones and if you are one, then “Thank you”.

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