I’m with Peter Kay on how I remember fireworks as a kid. I can easily recall to my mind, walking in the dark to the far end o’ t’garden, to m’Dad sorting through little tubes and cones, out of a “Standard” box. Oh and holding sparklers, with Mother hovering over the proceedings. Actually, you know what, I think there’s a packet of sparklers in the kitchen draw. Not sure what they’re left over from, something or other from a while back. Do sparklers go off?

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Anyways, you wanna hear something different? Well apparently, for the people of Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire, this year Narberth & Whitland Round Table have organised a “Musical Fireworks Display” in Parc Dr Owen, Whitland, 5th Nov, gate open at 5pm. I mean, I’m not keen on fireworks, but organised events at least help to keep things in one place. The posters go up, people with large animals and small, can make plans to move them for the night, keep them in or ask the vet for sedatives. As for the Whitland display, that’s something to hear (and obviously see), but hopefully the smoke stench from the pyrotechnics won’t waft down into the crowd like it has in one previous year. Oh man alive, apparently it was dreadful. It came down and settled over everyone, like a cloud of burnt metals (which I suppose it was). Have you ever heard of a musical fireworks display before? I’m not so sure it’s a great idea, to add more sound on top of the explosions, as I can imagine many animals (be they pets or wild) will be well stressed out. Some will be so fearful. As for me, well I’m human, I know what the score is. I’ll probably be doing my usual thing of staying at home with the kitties. The main reason is that I want to reassure their confused minds that all is still well and I just don’t find it fun. For I enjoiy a more peaceful evening. I prefer to keep my beautiful sentient friends company and if their chilled out, I can peacefully watch some random film or an educational programme. One thing for sure, is that as I don’t watch soaps, there’ll be no watching Emmerdale’s 50th thingy {{{shudder}}},at the thought, but as the saying goes: “Each to their own choice Beloveds, each to their own!”

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2 thoughts on “Fireworks

  1. In my limited experience, the music is only loud in the immediate area and the fireworks are FAR louder. I know they’re supposed tobe sync’d but I’ve nevef found them to be. Except at Disneyland, which has done the exact same show nightly for years.


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