P patch

My garden has changed. The trees have been happily going to beddy bye byes, thus creating a carpet of leaves. The brisk Welsh breeze, has been loudly whispering in a cold and wet Samhain. Last night I robed myself and wrapped up in a large warm scarf to go witching in a pumpkin patch, where I attended a handfasting my daughter was officiating. The couple have been together for many years, so it was a loving renewal ceremony, proclaiming their love and commitment, witnessed by family, friends and acknowledging the Earth. While there, I found a really knobbly pumpkin that made me smile, so I brought it home. I’m going to a friend’s house today to pick up some plant pots, so we could carve a goofy lantern together (whilst eating lemon cake and putting the world to rights of course). Before I leave the house, I can see I’ll have to pick off straw and clean the mud off of the long velvet cloak I wore last night. You see, I unceremoniously plonked it all down on the floor on entering the house, along with other muddy garments. {{{giggle}}} I did let it all drag over the sludge of the drive, the mud of the pumpkin patch and through animal bedding in the barn. As for my boat-race, it looks well panda! My eyes still have the remnants of black and pink make-up I half-heartedly attempted to clean off last night. I mean, who when tired wants to faff and give their face a scrub, who wants to make skin sore? Not me! I’ll gently use face cream, that’ll fix it. You know what though, I’ve never seen so many versions of a pumpkin. They’re not all orange and just to use for lanterns. I’ve got a green one that apparently is going to be well sweet and will store for up to three months (I’ll have ate it by then though). “Happy Samhain” for tomorrow.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Oh, if you haven’t remembered: UK peeps, you need to turn your clocks BACK one hour.


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