Believe em

So Beloveds, this is about the quintessence of the saying “When someone shows you who they really are, believe them the first time!” ~ Maya Angelou. If you are lucky, people will show you if they are genuine or false, always kind or putting it on, equality orientated or out to make themselves look good at the cost of truth. How wonderful to get to know the real kind person hidden underneath the grumpy exterior; or the joyful character under the quiet shy persona; or the generous soul, who’d give you their last penny if it’d help you get home, who doesn’t give to big charities. Finding out who people really are usually happens when “normal” people feel relaxed enough to drop their guard and be themselves, but some people (my tribe) are beautifully open all the time and it’s so easy to get to know them.

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Open people however, will find it hard to realise, there’re those that wish to show a front to get on in their friendship, doing fake buddy things to keep that façade of “Friend”. Open people find it had to realise a colleague is being insidious, doing anything to keep / succeed in their career. Open people might act “normal” to fit in to some situations for a while,, but find it really, REALLY hard when they realise how others are. What really hurts open people, is to realise this fake stuff, is the reality for some people all the time. It saddens me.

Thing is, it’s so important for all of us either open or not, to notice the moments when someone shows you who they really are and take note. It might be great, but sadly it also might not be that pretty. It might be hard to accept, but it is important to realise that upsetting moment is a learning thing, for it makes you realise who the person is. Remember though, that it is not about you, but about them. Sort out that moment in your mind, try not to dwell on it, but to keep that moment as a pointer of reference, to know how to be around that someone (especially if they can turn on others in a flash). Those with a flash point are like leopards, and leopards cannot change their spots!

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