Someone recently used the word Valkyrie to describe their role in life. I’d never heard of the word before, so as usual I looked it up and it’s from Norse mythology. It’s the name given to female hosts that guide the souls of the dead. I’d like to think that if I was one of those guides, I’d definitely point the peace makers and the gardeners to Frayja’s meadow F贸lkvangr. You know what, I’d love to pop in there to have a nice little gander myself, to enjoy the sights and scents of the flowers, the biodiversity, the wonders of nature thereupon.

Photo by Fabien Burgue on

I mean, surely I’d be given the go ahead to have a gander, for I’ve been in so many battles myself (not war thankfully) and come out triumphantly each time. I think I might be qualified to be ushered into F贸lkvangr at t’end of day.

Photo by Gioele Fazzeri on

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