Door dwell

Choices, choices, choices.  You see, at this moment in time I’m seriously pondering all of my choices, well several of them in any case.  The ponderings just now, are about all sorts of problems and solutions, of this and that, of things from what I want to do in the way of work, all the way to lifestyle shite (regular badminton or swimming).  Only, surely I’ve got to keep my options as open as poss, right?  Oh, but I just want to give you the heads up: I’ve also had problems with my bloody laptop (doesn’t rain, but it pours).  So as a bit o’ a technophobe with choices, I’m considering not being online at home much if at all.  Perhaps in the future, I’ll be only doing the occasional blog post?  Keep the laptop for emails perhaps?  I mean sure, the image below looks like standing in a doorway with bags packed, but maybe the bags are empty and the person is off to the shops?

woman standing near open door about to step outside
Photo by Dương Nhân on

You’ll know on here, laptoping online, if the thing actually gives up the ghost, you will guess the fact, because the blog posts will be as slow arriving, as a removals lorry loaded with all your gubbins, having to get to you via going up Porlock Hill!  Now that’s a hill you don’t want to drag a big ol’ caravan up!!!


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