Winter Solstice

I’ve decided to mark the solstice at noon tomorrow. To stop what I’m doing, take notice of all the positive things within that moment and be thankful for them; to also bring to mind those good things from the previous year; and make a few wishes for the year to come. Take note dear friends, that the solstice is not a made up event created by humans, but that this is the actual shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, upon this beautiful planet Earth. The days will get longer now, the nights and the darkness will become shorter.

Photo by Jben Beach Art on

At midday, will there be at least one person (me) wishing some peace and looking to the future in hope? Maybe you will also do the same?


3 thoughts on “Winter Solstice

    1. Around noon, I was sitting in my car, in a car park after having coped with the throng of shoppers in a supermarket, the queue and necessary patience. I believe it was a moment of calm.


      1. I had a pretty calm work day, knocked off early, and am dealing with weekly Wed chores. So I accidently had peace abd looking to short term future.


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