Waun Mawn

So, here’s the thing: I was travelling north/easterly, downhill on the B4329 today (the winter solstice) at around 2pm. I’ve taken a map image from Google and put a little black star to indicate where I was. The sun was shining so bright in my rear view mirror, that I had to do that thing yer have t’do, when an inconsiderate driver behind you in the dark, is blinding you with their full beam. The angle of the car on the road, the angle of the sun’s rays coming down that hill towards Waun Mawn at that time of the day. As Waun Mawn is now recognised to be the original setting for the stones of Stonehenge, there’s a thing to consider. I’ve added a yellow line as an approx’ sunrise direction, with a darker line for sunset. It’s a thing that happened, as you and I might read into that what we will and speculate as to what might have been the reason for the stone circles, back in the day they were created.

I’m not that keen on that road, for the B4329 is steep and one huge toilet for sheep. They wander on and off, park themselves right next to the edge and occasionally just randomly run across for no apparent reason. It’s a lonely ol’ road, not much traffic on it without the tourists. Today’s travelling beyond the junction of Tafarn-y-bwlch, still on the B4329 was interesting, for those that were coming up into the full sun’s beams, were unable to see that well and were coming over the middle of the road, over the line slightly and giving me the right heebie-jeebies! Plus it’s probably not a good idea to have a car accident, on the day the ambulance drivers are on strike. Not that anyone wishes to have an accident on any day for that matter. So, that’s my reflection on a moment in time, upon the winter solstice 2022, here in Wales.


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