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Being the type of person I am, I’m willing to go on being helpful and to keep going, to put in my all and not falter right up until the penny drops and the line is crossed. You see, not everyone will show you who they really are, but if at some point when they do and it’s a real eye opener, the giddy limit!!! and an “Oh my god that’s their game!” moment, well sorry, that’s it. From then on the games up, time to back away with dignity, face it, no need to run (well maybe), but be gone as soon as it suits you.

I’ve worked out, that the best option when at the receiving end of lies, crap, manipulation, is to be thankful for the privilege of knowing what these persons are really capable of. To learn how some canNOT be trusted at all, and realising how saying “No” and leaving at the first opportunity is so just bloody refreshing.

Photo by Leeloo Thefirst on Pexels.com

3 thoughts on “Walked

  1. Over the weekend I found myself mentally reliving the before/after of someone who lied to me about nearly everything. When they wouldn’t apologize, I cut them out of my life. I thought I was over the whole thing, but it came back like it was fresh. I was shocked to realize it was actually 25yrs ago!!


    1. Thank your beautiful mind that it kept the memory safe, safe from causing trouble for 25yrs, safe to ponder now how brave you were and how you have lived safe without them in your life.


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