I’m no oil painting, there again I’m not actually here to please others as some work of art. I’m not designed to make the lives of others better or to cure all and sundry. If I do please others however, or make their life better or alleviate sommat, well that’s all well and good, I can be the vegan gravy on a veggie pie, but it’s not what I’m here for (actually that gravy thing sounds weird). I’m just here, being me. I think that is my job: to be me. Like so many others, I realise the fact that I cannot be anyone else and do not want to be either, I cannot please everyone and also do not want to either. I’m certainly not here to be used, to spend my life upon others at their whim. For that matter, I’m not here also to spend their life upon me, to make mine better at their expense. I think we’re all here to be ourselves, to muddle along and in any case, be.

Anyways, here I am, warts (not that I have any actual physical warts thankfully) and all. I find myself with a head full of thoughts, I tend to point forward to the future, my legs work well most of the time and can occasionally spring into action, my core is heartfelt, as my stance is pretty solid in being kind. So, what does this self portrait look like, well it looks a bit like this daft thing I threw together just now:

Note: I was going to type “muckle along” but that when I went to check the saying out, it’s nowhere to be found on t’Internet. So there we have it, muckle along out, muddle along in. Means same to me, just as I say yourn, as other say yours. Dialect or what?