Moonah Ston

I really enjoyed watching the UK, TV series, Ghosts. Oh how I giggled, so much so, and especially in series 1 episode 5, at the scene around the dinner table: It’s when the ghosts celebrate the lunar eclipse by chanting “Moonah-stona!” ~ “Moonah-stona!”… whilst clomping around the table (where there used to be a main central standing stone, surrounded by a stone circle). The character Robin (played by Laurence Rickard) wills the ceiling light to dim and I’m in stiches.

Photo by Lisa Fotios on

“Thank be to moonah, good light in sky.” ~ Robin

If you haven’t watched Ghosts yet, I recommend starting from the beginning to get the best of the storyline and the giggles.

Today, many people around the Earth are celebrating the beginning of their lunar calendar, based on the moon cycle and their beliefs. To those I wish them their “Happy New Year”.


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