Zip sari quilt

So, does the title sound like I’ve started to put a wiggle on, get off of the slow couch and move it, move it? Nope, I’ve got up early and have been relaxing on the settee. I decided to use my quick-unpick to take out a good zip from a hoody that’s gone all bobbly and cut the material using pinking shears into squares for dusters.

Photo by Mat Brown on

I put YouTube on and started watching how to create a quick quilt in a short time. See, the thing is, I’m going to a craft event today, it’s free, there’s cake and it’s in a heated room for a few hours. So, what’s not to like? Plus, there’s a clear hard floor space, that could accommodate me doing just that, make a quick quilt. I’ll put the things into a bag and see if that;s on the cards.

Photo by Teona Swift on

Will you be wanting to see the results?

This is I think part of the Warm Welcome Spaces funded by Carmarthenshire County Council. These places are available to read, play games, bring crafting, socialise with old friends or make new ones, some with free WiFi, charging facilities, space to work, free hot drinks available “stay the whole time or just drop in”.

Addendum: The quilt I made in an hour at the Warm Space event.

Note to self: “Plane” is a thing that flies in the air and “Plain” is the spelling I probably needed to go for in the image above. {{{giggles}}}. Should stick to the other type of spelling, as in “I put a spell on you” from Hocus Pocus.


17 thoughts on “Zip sari quilt

    1. I did the majority of it in an hour. Check out the link in the blog as to how. I think there will be a photo of it on the website for the event. I will post that here when it appears.

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      1. I could never freehand stitch that straight!
        The easy quilts we did in the 70s were 2 large sheets of fabric, batting between, and yarn knot-stitches every 4 to 6 inches (leaving about 2″ of yarn “threads” as decoration).


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