This is me doing three blog posts in a row, just “because” . This one is because someone BABASP, may just have found the answer to the universe: All roads lead to SOUP. {{{giggling}}} Come on, it might be true!

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Oh wow, it’s like that scene on some old short show (maybe it was on Tales of the unexpected) where there’s this one room with two couples in. One couple is so happy to be there, it’s all that they thought of as heavenly. t’other couple hates it and being with the first couple, so hence it’s their hell. For I love soup, but know someone who hates it, the texture and the bland flavours of most soups. So, if all roads lead to SOUP, then it’s all in the perception of whether that’s gonna be a good thing or a version of hell!!!

  • S = Self
  • O = Others
  • U = Universe
  • P = Peace

p.s. Do you have a favourite flavour of universe, I mean soup?

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