I am the newbee in the new job. The person I’ve been working with is really good, kind and knows his stuff “Woohoo!”. Landed on my feet. There’s another worker that has the same name as myself, so I introduced myself to them as: “Hi, I’m the old and original, you Beloved are the new and improved…” That went down really well me thinks, they’re really nice too. I’m so glad I changed workplace, for that old place was a killer environment, full of stress, lack of support, management actually shouting at staff, never seem to have enough staff, but not getting in bank staff to cover… All in all a bloody disgusting shit show shambles! Now at the new role, in the new place, I can get on with my job (which I’m about to leave the house to go to, and it’s only up road). I can see me doing some thrive in this job me thinks.

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