Right now

Here I will not faff about what happened in the past, not even the shift I did today and how well that went. Nor will I pretend to know what is in the future, be it big stuff of how it will all end (for that is not my business, not even how it will end for me). I won’t even bore you with the future prediction of if it will snow tomorrow or not. Nope, for the record (and for the benefit of another blogger), this is my right now:

I’m sitting comfortably on a settee, with a laptop that works and I can type freely about anything random and am typing anything random. I’m warm, my clothes fit me and I have a hot water bottle on my chest, which I’m finding is lovely and soothing. The light is fading outside and is making the tree branches in the garden stand out against the sky, like opposite shadows or a thick black pencil drawing or (you get me right?) It’s really quiet in this room just now, so I can hear the water being pumped around the radiators and the clock ticking in the background. I’m sharing the room with two cats. One is sitting perched on the top of an armchair opposite me and t’other is on the cushion of it. They look the personification of contentment or maybe just lazy buggers who expect to be only woken if there’s food or play involved. Oh and I sip, taste and can literally smell the coffee. Yup, here’s cheers to the right now.

Photo by Bianca Gasparoto on Pexels.com