Be kind and what Earth needs of you 🌍 

Promote peace and plant a beautiful future! 🌳

Change within 🕊 please don’t wait for others 🙂

Earth profits a HOME and life to those who plant 🌱

Images Most of the images are from the WordPress free photo library (“Thank you” for those), but it’s not an impossible thing for a few images to be mine occasionally and they will say – Over Soil.

Adverts:  I don’t pay for this blog, so I have no say over the advert content and yes you will find wordpress sponsors may have put all sorts of stuff here that are contradictory to my thoughts.  However, I just want to sayThank you WordPress for this free blog.  

Links Take a look in the text for this shade of blue and sometimes underlined too, for these are links.  If you click on them, they can “link” you to something informative or a song, a dance or some humour…  I’ve dotted them all over the posts and there’s a few on this page too, so just try one.

Comments I also want to say a warm “Thank you Beloved” for polite responses.  However, for those with a propensity to being unkind with their words and inciteful of the nasty stuff, sadly you will find your comments booted out into cyberspace and being given a [TIME~OUT] to change your thinking.

DisclaimerPlease just glean and adapt things on these blogs to your own situation, to live and love compassionately with other sentient beings upon this beautiful planet Earth.  Basically Over Soil accepts NO liability for any loss or damage suffered from relying on information, recipes (as I’m obviously not a chef), views (I can be outspoken like the rest of us) and opinions expressed (that might parallel what other people are also saying or more likely to be completely the opposite and put someone’s hackles up).  Oh and due to my life, the blogs will be sporadic, as in possibly loads, then none for a while or it might just stop, but don’t worry yer pants off Beloved, try dance instead or a bit of art.  Never worry, for that will just drive you bonkers and is bad for your health.  So “Welcome”.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Pexels.com

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6 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for the clackers info. I tried a roasted chestnut once but didn’t like it but most nuts I love, including the human variety. Here we call ourselves weirdos. I love your sense of humor and the put a line under it advice. Stay well😀


      1. I have to say the video gave me another laugh…reminds me of this which is a lot less “dangerous”https://www.shoptherocket.com/products/bounce-back-paddle-ball


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