Nagic pill

‘No such thing as a magic pill to happy, n’agic pill to life’ ~ Over Soil 2019

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It’s the same as all the other parts of us human beans, we have to keep an eye on what we take on board, food, pills, ideas, actions…  We all need to work at keeping our bodies and our happy in shape.  I don’t know about you, but I find me being all happy~clappy and able to do~a~little~dance doesn’t just happen (well occasionally, but that’s just me).  Sometimes in some mind blowing circumstances I have to make an effort, a really big effort, just so I can stay a little upbeat..  To get the ball rolling, I sometimes find some cheerful music does it or eating something healthy, pretty and delish (always a good combo) or if I reach out to a stranger and talk about something trivial (being British it’s usually the weather).  Thing is, if we all have triggers that send us over the edge, maybe we need to search for and keep safe those things that springs us back.  Hold onto those makes~me~happy things.  Use those reasons to be cheerful things, keep them handy and if you can please share them, at least tell your friends what they are so we can make sure they’re available to you.  Sometimes getting back our happy takes some time out, and that’s fine too.  Just remember to come back in.  Anyways, just like this shared image from Jacob, balance well my friends, balance well and be all that you are as a human bean, full of life.

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5 thoughts on “Nagic pill

    1. Ever been to a five rhythm dance? Now that would give Xanax a run for your money. Some things work for some, other things work for others and I tend to over simplify in an egotistical “Works for me” kind o’ way.


  1. Totally agree about talking to a stranger, those moments of connection to someone are precious. Even just a smile is special, especially in London, where most people lock their eyes away. Talking to people on here too, daft little exchanges that always leave me feeling happy.

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