Harass halter

photo of white horse running in grass field
Photo by Nachelle Nocom on Pexels.com

Over the course of my life, I’ve been intimidated and harassed by animals being beastly jerks.  Walking through a field of cattle or past farm dogs, we all have differing ways of dealing with it.  I know my limit.  Most times all it needs is to stay confident and giving them the option to go away in a calm firm voice (sometimes several times to reach the other side of a field).  Okay, this works nine times out of ten and you can guess my 10% option is a bit of distraction and running like a version of Usain Bolt!  If I know the animal that needs to be shown where to go away to, a halter usually helps aim it in a calm and considerate manner, make shift ones sometimes.  Sadly with people it’s not quite the same, but we might conclude that with a human harasser there’s equal beastliness.  Thinking they’re animals, we might need to calmly stand our ground, clarify what the problem is politely, but firm and let them know what we want them to do e.g. “Stop! You’re making us feel uncomfortable, it’s harassment, be respectful and let us have our space.” still considering distraction and running.  I think it’s wise to never totally rule that option out, for we have legs, we’re not trees and being respectful to any sentient being, I do not think it’s our business to know what’s going on in their mind.  Safe distance never hurt.

nature animal countryside cute
Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

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