Annoying noise

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Some announcements on a Tannoy can be understood by no one and makes for a giggle.  Oh and I can just about cope with that dreadful piped music in shops and the insipid droning of a radio station in background of a waiting room.  I can however, understand how music when you really do NOT want it, could be classified as noise pollution!  Especially so for people with hearing and other ailments, and staff havin’ to listen to same ol’ crap over and over.  For it can be mentally invasive and totally unnecessary.  Maybe if you find it a bit too much, you could phone ahead and give them the heads up on your feelings.  To just ask nicely that the music be off during your visit…  well it would work in an ideal world.

I love the different UK regional accents, I really do.  As they’re all brilliant in their own right and some give an indication of the pace of a place.  Slow in the country or fast in the town.  They can be interesting and fun to listen to.  Sometimes I find myself actually incorporating regional words into my vocabulary (that’s what happens when you’ve lived in a few places like I have).  If you take the word “No” for instance, it can be said in a range from “No”  to “Nerrr” to “Naw” to “Noooo” and all the rest.  Only there’s one thing I cannot stand in any accent, and that’s whingey insipid nagging and put downs, given by adults towards children in any way, in any accent.  On and on and on… it just disgusts me.  I think it’s mental cruelty towards the chid, to constantly go on and on and on, humiliating them with snarky criticisms.  Say you’re upset, sure; Ask what you want of the child, sure; Have acceptable boundaries with reasonable consequences to bad actions, sure, but none of this whiney, derisive, ridicule shit.  It’s mental cruelty even to over hear it, that’s what it is, let alone the poor kid.  Well it makes me think the adult has lost the plot and isn’t coping as well as they could.  However, maybe this is the thin line of what is and isn’t acceptable, and surely what I’m typing about.

Anyways, moving swiftly on, to talk like a native in any country there’s always those short-cut words.  Here’s a few fast French ones I’m learning and typed out to share:

heads up on how to talk french

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