So, I started out with a few basics: Flour, dry yeast, sprinkle of sunflower seeds, a pinch of salt and water, to make a damp dough. I mixed it with a big spoon and not with my hands, as it got lovely and self-to-self sticky, but not too wet and not too dry. I love to mix and fold and mix and fold, it is quite distracting and I feel therapeutic in such stressful times. Anyways, after a while, I got the big glass Pyrex ready with some oil and put the dough in and left it for a while to rise. Oven on and when up to heat, dough went in…

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I watched the telly a bit as I played on the laptop. I let the cat out. Played on the laptop. I let the cat in. Watched the telly… Played on the laptop some more as I carried on watching the telly. I then started to chat and something distracted my train of thought and it was a smell of something cooking, so only then did I remember the kitchen existed. There it was so golden brown and well cooked: Breadofsorts. I still cannot turn it out, for it’s well and truly stuck, but that the top has come off of the bottom and the bottom is as edible as the top. So, nice slather of Flora and crunch, crunch, crunch… can you hear my crunch, crunch, crunch… from there?

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