We really are only human. I see it, the human condition and how not one of us is totally immune to worry and fear brought upon us. Some are blasé about it all. They might be seen to play up due to the stress. They might be tempted to do what we are not allowed, because they take to heart the saying: “Live today for tomorrow…” Most of us however react to this pandemic, to do all we can to keep each other safe and especially so our loved ones. Of course having our mind ~ full occasionally, thus forgetful of all things, there could be a slip up now and then. That too would also be part of the human condition: Fear, worry and not always so mindful all the time of that which we need to do to combat that which we are being worried and fearful of. My conclusion is that due to the human condition, we should assume all the other people are battling their own fears, worries and not always going to be 100% conscientious. Therefore, I prescribe patience with ourselves and others, with a generous sprinkling of minding our own business (because we really don’t need that on top of it all). Our business is to try to remember to do our best.

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