Stressful thoughts are thoughts. Thoughts can be told to get off the sofa and with a bit of training get to stop barking. Of course we’ve all had them of late, thoughts being brought on by that which is circulated which might seem to be reality. It’s not, it’s thoughts, and what do we do with thoughts? Tell them to behave, play nice and when they’re barking to “Get off the sofa!” Of course we can churn up the messages passed from one person to another, pat the black dog on the head and go around the bend, but I say pick your own thoughts. Pick something better to think about, train yourself to go to those thoughts, maybe (like I’ve done) put them down on bits of card and make a go-to set. Alternatively you can sit at the top of the circulated crap, the [News] and the like and let the stress set like concrete (not recommended). You’d be like any “Normal” person that can be manipulated by others and stress will be your master.

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Nope! That’s not for you or for me in any case. For I will tell stressful thoughts to “GET OFF THE SOFA!” (as the sofa is a place to relax). In any case, I might look it at times and say “Sanity is overated”, but surely I’m not barking, right? We don’t get a lot of choice of a lot of things, be mostly we get to be who we want to be.

p.s. Plant trees or at least be the one who poke acorns into soil, instead of wanting an oak table.

2 thoughts on “Stress

    1. I think I will put it on a little bit of recycled birthday card, in my homemade, go-to, encouraging cards pack. As for “Oak tables”, I find it annoying that people insist on having the wood from it, when pine is available. Oak takes such a long time to mature. 🌳
      I will share a revered memories of Mother, who like any of us humans wasn’t perfect, but did what she could for the environment and this was one of them: I recall she loved to put cones in her bedroom window to ripen. When they opened up they’d make a gratifying, little crack like, popping sound in the sun. When properly ripe, she’d gather the seed scales and put them in little pots of soil. Not sure where these trees 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲 are growing now, but it was something positive to do and that I am sure is the way to live a good life, to do the little positive things.


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