Mask DIY

Make shift face maskThis is a total farce, a make do because…ย ย  It’s a crap face mask, but I think for me it’s better than nowt (shakes head in disbelief at how some people are unable to get the supplies they need of food and for others the safety masks needed for their work).ย  Anyways, I hope the image I made helps explain how I took one new all purpose cloth, and using only a little UHU glue, I glued in a straightened plastic coated metal twist tie in the crease of the centre (so the nose part fits), folded the cloth back down over the tie, pleated the edges and fastened them with small safety pins, attached a hair bobble onto each pleated edge (to be placed over ears) again using safety pins and adjusted it a few times to make it work snug, but so I could have an air space in front of my nose.

p.s. Why is it called a face mask, for I don’t see a mask for any other part of the body.

p.p.s. If you don’t need a ruddy face mask, please don’t be tempted to buy up all the good ones care workers and the like might actually need. Thank you.

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