Kitchen roll homemade

How’s this for a bit of home magic, making a kitchen roll you can use again and again, that’s washable and upcycled using a towel and some cotton.  I’ve seen it before and this is the right time damn it and I intend to “make do and mend”.  So here’s an image as a rough “recipe” of what’s going down today:

Kitchen roll

As making things for the home, mending, upcycling, crafting and living a frugal life is all part of self kindness in this madness, right?

p.s.  I didn’t find enough poppers (54 needed) to clip them all together and I couldn’t gather the inclination to go any further than cutting up an old flat, dense towel into 18 square pieces.  The edges came in at just around eight and a half inches, it doesn’t seem to fray much.  So these “Kitchen roll” type pieces will just have to sit under the kitchen sink, stacked neat for those type of spills and emergencies that need them.  I don’t usually use kitchen roll,and have plenty of old towels, so it’s all a bonus.

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