Chiffon as fleece

assorted color floral clothes
Photo by Magda Ehlers on

Well today one of my old two tone purple/blue chiffon belly dance veils, became a beautiful cover for freshly planted seeds.ย  Sunlight can get through and it has a lovely shimmer to it.ย ย I just don’t want the birds to scratch them seeds up and eat them (that’s what the bird table if for).ย  The veils made their sacrifice, as the dance of life in the garden and keeping everyone safe goes on.ย  For I didn’t NEED to make a journey to fetch garden fleece, that would be outside of what anyone would consider necessary.ย  We all now have to think outside the box and make what we already have, become what we need and enjoy that.ย  So we have to stay at home, stay safe and keep others safe too.

blur close up focus ground
Photo by Gelgas on


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