Cogito ergo sum

Well yes, I pretty much “Think therefore I am” (that’s what the heading says, but that it is in Latin) and I ponder how we’re all captives within ourselves and how we think.  Sounds a bit like solipsism or the Truman Show maybe?  Well anyways, when we think as if outside of that which is our body to looking in, we must be kind to this dear beloved sentient being that lives within.  The skin keeps our physical in, as requested and respected boundaries keep the unnecessary out.  As many people will agree: Kindness is an inside job!  So be it in the work place or in your personal life, even and especially unto yourself be kind, be kind, be kind…  For once you got that covered it’s far easier to hand some kindness and compassion out, even during working hours to all the various people (you might for the first time meet).  Sorted?  I hope so, for your mission is compassion and harmony in whatever place you are, with whoever you encounter (yourself, another human or vulnerable animal) and it all starts here, within the boundaries of who we are!

view ape thinking primate
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I am just one. I am no more or no less than one. What I can do is of one. Have I influence on others? I doubt it. Outside of myself there’s an environment being fruitful in some places (like the two very last ripe red raspberries and plenty of ripe yellow thriving in the garden) and environmental destruction in other places (HS2 ripping out all those woods). Have I an influence on that? Some, but not much, for I am just one. I have to accept that I am just one, for it is the truth and as they say “The truth will set you free”. Now what can one do?

p.s. Lots of just one, makes many and that might get the balls rolling!

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