Say listen

I’ve learnt over the years, that there are “Things to say” and some things you are probably best not to say to someone when they’re feeling poorly. I think some things are going to be perceived much more acutely during this pandemic either way, especially with all the fear flying around. Positive or negative we all say things that others could use to upset themselves with. Anyhoo, spend plenty of time listening, but for your information: I’ve made a simple somewhat amusing compilation. It’s just the tip of the iceberg of good stuff and perceived as bad stuff. It might help or might not. Well, in any case talk more kindly or if you fall flat on your face in the shit, pick yourself up, sweep of the dust and be kind to you (oh and wash that shit off). I do believe, some of the “Try NOT to say” advice might save a life, for at the very least perhaps it might stop someone poorly having to make the effort to throw something sharp at the person speaking. See what I mean:

When people want to talk about their fears, they want to talk about their fears, not to be told that their fears are imaginary or easily overcome with the right attitude… Oh and lastly, YOU WILL SAY THE WRONG THING it is inevitable, for after all you are only human. So be compassionate to yourself when this happens, even if the person on the receiving end has told you to F off! Give yourself permission to feel like crap too, just don’t put that on the other person if you can help it. Be kind to yourself too, for you too are part of what in my universe I call The Beloved.

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4 thoughts on “Say listen

    1. It takes being really human to say the “wrong” things. Programmed robots and those schooled at places like Eton always seem to have the “right” answers to really cock things up.

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