How did you find me here on wordpress? No need to answer really. For surely it was serendipity or you already knew me “They all know me” and I blabbed this site. Anyways, it was serendipity in any case. I love the meaning of the word, it’s like Bob says a β€œhappy little accident”. Anyways, I always relish the unexpected good things that greet me, bump into my day and generally make my life go more tickety boo! Of course sometimes these serendipity moments just need to be persuaded to come our ways. Maybe we have to have the eyes to see them and the heart to embrace them happenings happening? In fact, some say that serendipity is no accident at all, but an attitude or a lifestyle in which you are always reaching for those unexpected things and expecting happy surprises to occur. So basically, serendipity is often available on the off chance, so oi you, get out there and find some! You don’t have to go and give out [Free Hugs] as that would be inappropriate in such times just the now, but to be seen and see. Do and be the example that reaches out a wave, a two metre chat… for you are awesome! Others are too! and sure you don’t have to stay happy all the time, that would be weird and a tad scary!!! Still, if you can choose happy, but also cry if need be…, but just a little tears, for we all need to wipe tears away, to clear the ground to then blossom where we’re planted!

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Now, I’m going to have to stay offline for a while due to duty, responsibility etc… etc… So, see what I did? I plastered three, yes three diverse blog posts in this one day. Busy me aye, asking you to be busy you, busy, busy bees uz are.

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Oh and just to be totally freakin’ random: Pastel, adapt, salad, diamond, reasonable 37, outrageously red, onion ring rings!!!

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