Just after food of an evening, I seem to take a little nap on a regular.Β  Thankfully in my case it’s not an unhealthy thing, just my body focusing on my digestion.Β  I think a lot of people nap after a big meal, but I do it on a slice of beans on toast like some ol’ dear that I’m naturally becoming.


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3 thoughts on “Naps

    1. Well I did have a nap, but when I went to bed NO SLEEP! and now it is 03:50 in the early hours and I’ve to leave for work at 06:30 so there’s that. Obviously something has gone bonkers. πŸ€ͺ 🀨


      1. I’ve always been a night owl but a couple weeks ago I started waking at 6am (after falling asleep around 3am). Thank gawd I haven’t had much work so, this week, I’ve been able to nap. I have no idea what’s causing the extra disruption!

        I hope you sleep well tomorrow night!!


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