I spent the massive sum of ten pounds yesterday, on car parts (cheap as chips or what?). I was expecting it to come to more, but when you go to the car graveyard and take the parts off yourself, well that’s what can happen. There was nothing major needed, just loads of bits and bobs to bring good old “…sh!” (my car) up to scratch. So off we went to Tanygroes Car Dismantlers who break and dismantle hundreds of vehicles. They’ve some parts in sheds on shelves nice and dry, but also the what’s~left are parked, lined up and thankfully according to make. You’ve got yer BMWs, yer got yer Fords, yer Vauxhalls and yer Renaults… all into some resemblance of order. All without wheels and lower to the ground, with plenty of parts now missing, but not all. A scrap yard is a useful place to source specific parts for old models or perhaps bits for sculpture? Anyways, these cars ain’t going anywhere fast, like they perhaps did!

Photo by Kelly Lacy on

You know me by now though, right? With all sorts of destruction and impact points to show how these vehicles ended up at TCD, it’s full of poignant reminders to me of the fragility of life. It’s very hard on the thoughts for a sensitive soul, knowing what I know and seeing what I’ve seen of ruins. So to see windscreens broken in different shapes and so many total right-offs, with one in our row of cars with the driver seat forward and burnt out! Actually they all made me wonder about the injuries sustained by the drivers and passengers, did anyone get out of this one? or that one unscathed?

I trod respectfully down the row and carefully between these lost preloved cars.

It was on and off drizzle and thankfully my daughter was on the case to get in, get the bits off and out to the shed to pay. She has the brains and the muscles (she works out in a gym regular) and I of course bring the list in my head of what’s needed. Team work?

As the time of day turned into a vampire dusk, and with not a soul around, but the lines of dead cars, I got to say, I was becoming a bit spooked. She however, was on a mission and zoned into looking for what we need~&~retrieve. I was less focused and so distracted. My imagination running riot of how the cars got there! Especially seeing the bits of detritus left from just before the crashes. Human litter in this setting, makes itself somewhat personal. The car~cusses within this and that one. It can make anyone like myself ponder yet again how unsafe cars actually are. In one, it seems that someone must have been drinking a coffee in their disposable cup, then? That stuck my mind more than anything and I said out loud “Drinking and driving!” as my daughter of course corrects me about the meaning of such an expression (she knew I knew and I knew she knew I knew that too). Brings me out of the spiral. Still, there’s something about that cup that could reminds us all not to be so easily distracted whilst driving. Stop to quench thirst or hunger, right? Wake up, pull over for that packed lunch and a flask, right?

Photo by Anthony Shkraba on

By this time the sky was getting darker and I started to worry we would be locked in with some manic, blood thirsty guard dogs! However, my daughter having German Shepherds would of course go all alpha on them, but still. Anyways, needs must, so an aerial [Tick], hub cap [Tick], that thing on the dashboard [Tick], and that t’other thing [Tick]… Oh, but I found the gear stick thingy [Tick] and pulled off the “Find me a knob” like the song 1:30 >“Find me a find” wow, my daughter puts up with a lot, bless ‘er cotton socks. Oh, but then the doomy atmosphere got worse and I heard a little scrabbling noise, so was all “I heard a rat!!” ~ and ~ “Okay, we’re done here!!!” and thankfully we were. There’s the place for sure to get parts, it’s massive, it’s got loads o’ stuff, but maybe go get parts when there’s more daylight to see in?

Photo by Anthony on

4 thoughts on “Carcusses

    1. Not all the car doors shut, not all the windows and being lower to the ground… Yes, it could be the stuff of nightmares, but fortunately my dream imp πŸ§šβ€β™‚οΈ hasn’t used the memories in the dream mix yet.


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