I kindly pointed out in a really friendly way, to a fellow shopper, that he had forgotten to pull his mask up over his nose. [Sigh] So, what does this old man do and say? He pulled his mask right down, asked me if I was anything medical and I said “Sort of” and got right in my face to give me his angry opinion on how it is all some sort of conspiracy. I felt so vulnerable and defensive myself. Anyways, even if he thinks he is right or not, he has no right to invade my personal space and it was really, REALLY horrible and I got shaken up in my psyche from peaceful to full on wanting to punch this prat in the face (thankfully for all concerned that I didn’t). This pandemic has so many sharp corners and I’m so sick of it, just like so many and probably yourself. Still, as I’m able to type this and your able to read this, we’ve made it thus far and good luck to us to make it all the way through without resorting to coming over all unnecessary and also being horrible.

Photo by NEOSiAM 2021 on Pexels.com

Oh and I’ve been more tired, especially after the booster jab that took the wind out of me. Thankfully I was teamed with someone at work that did the most heavy stuff. I’m still not 100% from it yet, but rather that than get sick.

2 thoughts on “Horrible

  1. Those people that put on masks without covering their noses are just itching for a fight. They want someone to try to tell them what to do so they can show their open hostility for the whole thing. I keep my distance from them rather than try to correct them. They aren’t going to do as instructed anyway. I’m sorry you had such an awful experience. You can’t fix stupid.


  2. I started to feel a long time ago that there are always going to be a significant number of people who will do whatever they are asked to keep everyone safe. And there will also be a significant number of people who will fight cooperating with the advice, rules, recommendations etc., for a variety of reasons. Some because they don’t care, and some because they do care about other issues – their personal freedoms and other things they feel strongly about.

    In most areas of life – I think there are people who reveal their attitudes towards authority, laws etc., but it has been hard to see it during the Pandemic. It’s perhaps been more upsetting than usual to see such different attitudes on display.


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