Not Scool

Over the years, I’ve developed a self learning style. For I sure didn’t learn the [How to learn] at school. I only had what I now see as semi-valuable poorly presented [Life lessons] on how to discern people and some of their intentions (I’m still learning that to this day). I could tell you about so many of the life lessons from my Secondary Modern schools (I didn’t go to just one, but that’s another long story). Each recollection could make you gasp in utter horror and total disbelief! I would NOT be lying by saying the set up at the first one and the modus operandi was utter crap! There was this middle part called “The Quad” and this was the bullies cage fight arena. It was a covered, yet open walkway that surrounded an open area with a library in the middle. Everyone and their bags jostled on it between lessons. These lessons changed each hour and nothing got settled. The First Aid was a simple “You can go home” if you were lucky or a “Wash it and go back to class”. As for the hotbed of sexual tension between some of the staff. It included seeing two of them look at their watch in class, drop everything and go to snog in the corridor. These times they’d pop out came at set times only beknown to them, during their separate lessons to meet up on a regular and being a kid that got sent out a lot, I saw a lot of snogging! As for the credibility of whether the staff were suitable to be teaching in the first place. I recall one dodgy as f”” history teacher in one lesson discussing the Romans. He explained in detail how the word rape is a lie, because his women always want it! To conclude, I present one of the School’s open FarceBlock quotes from another pupil who endured it: Shithole never learnt a thing“.

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I don’t hold out much hope that things get learnt by all kids in a classroom full of lots of other kids. One to one learning yes, possibly, Lots of kids with one teacher no I don’t think so. Best of all option is a motivated kid, self directing their learning and this gets the biggest YES that’s the way to learn a lot. Back in the day I didn’t realise this and sent my kids to “Proper” school, because I thought I didn’t have it in me to help them. So there’s a personification of the saying “We live and learn“.

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