Bonspires for autumn

PLEASE DO NOT LIGHT BONFIRES, but create an autumn bonspire.

lighted matchstick on brown wooden surface
Photo by Sebastian Sørensen on

Please think about it.  Okay so I made up the word “Bonspire” and yet they’ve been in existence without a label forever, surely?  Someone must have thought about the label by now?  Anyways, bonspires are literally an eco version of a bonfire, it’s just a bonfire and yet with a wildlife and nature loving twist, just don’t set it on fire!  As before, you still place small branches and twigs and leaves you have collected to make what looks like a bonfire, but DO NOT LIGHT IT!  Made myself clear yet?  Allow patience, let bonspires sink slowly to become soil in their own time and let them be habitats for the wildlife.   They will become covered in fungi and let the Earth do its thing to keep us humans upon it via some carbon sequestration.  With all the things you will see upon the bonspire instead of the lit bonfire, trust me, you will love it.  On behalf of the beetles, the soil microorganisms and the creatures you are yet to meet and humans in the future, Thank you!

wood forest autumn mushrooms
Photo by Skitterphoto on

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